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Underfloor heating-Thermostats and DIY systems - South Africa

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   INSTRUCTIONS FOR DIY INSTALLATON OF UNDERFLOOR HEATING For tiles, wood,      screed & carpet floors .



     Before commencing, follow the below mentioned points:

1. Floor surface needs to be clean, ( plain concrete), if not and there is existing tiles, all tiles needs to be removed, if it is too much labour and too much of an inconvenience?,

2. Existing tiles needs to be treated with bonding liquid or be roughened by chipping into the tiles.

3. If you going to install on top of existing tiles, ensure that the tiles are not loose. This method is not advisable.

4. With under floor heating, the best method is to install correctly.

     Now draw a plan layout of your room on paper first according to the below       mentioned

        Instructions, this will make it easier to do the installation.

     STEP 1

    Ensure the floor surface is clean.

    60 – 70cm away from the wall, chop nails into the floor 6 - 7 cm apart at both ends of the       room facing       towards plug point or pre-prepared box for the thermostat.

    STEP 2

The heating element has a red and black wire at the beginning of the coil which is the power wire.

Pull these apart and from the power point, starting with either red or black wire  wind the coloured around the nails that has been previously chopped in the floor, ending at the power point and thermostat with either red or black wire.

    The red and black wire gets connected to the provided thermostat.

    STEP 3

Once the heating elements have been strung,

Place the provided Hessian on top of the undertile heating system,

Dampen with a sprinkling of water in order to promote absorption of mixture of self levelling screed and screed binder ( bonding liquid ).

The mixture of self  levelling screed and screed binder will be spread on top of the Hessian.

The self levelling screed and screed binder serves to glue the heating system to the floor.

You may now carefully remove the nails.

     STEP 4

The underfloor heating system installation needs to be left to dry overnight.

You may now proceed to lay your floors as per normal.

Do not walk on the system while it wet.

      Once it has dried,  Do not work with sharp objects on the system.

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