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Underfloor heating-Thermostats and DIY systems - South Africa

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With room size for a quote

underfloor heating price


We undertake to repair or replace without cost to the consumer any part of the Underfloor heating system  supplied by us which is found to have a manufacture defect,within the warranty time stated for each product. NOTE - the warranty period for the thermostat is 2 (two) years and heating elements is 5(five) years from the time of installation.


Calls to correct electrical installation carried out by others. Calls to reset residual current devices, circuit breakers or replace fuses.

The replacement of tiles / wood needed in order to repair heating system.

Damage caused when the system has been serviced by anyone other than us. Damage caused by unauthorised modification.

Damage caused by others during renovation, construction, etc.

Damage which arises from builders, tilers, carpet layers or electricians failing to comply with our site instructions.

Damage caused by accidents, neglect, misuse, lightning strike or any natural disaster.

To validate this warranty all claims must be submitted with an invoice.


We require 70% of quoted price prior to installation and remaining 30% together  with any extras upon completion. We reserve the right  to charge interest on overdue accounts.Ownership of all materials installed by JC HEAT 2 TILE will remain our property until fully paid.

Extra charges may apply if the job differs from that quoted through causes beyond our control.

Answers about underfloor heating

When do I start ?

As soon as you start planning your new home or renovations  in order to include it in your budget.

Is it possible to install the underfloor heating under any floor surface?

Absolutely, our heaters can be  installed under most floor covering including : ceramics, porcelain, travertine, marble, slate, sandstone, screed  floors, carpets and laminated wooden  floors.

How does the thermostat work?

Once it has been switched on, the thermostat has a sensor that measures the difference in air temperature. Once you have set the thermostat to your desired comfort level, it will switch on and off automatically to maintain the preset room temperature.

Is it safe to install undertile heating in my bathroom?

It is completely safe as the heaters are fully earthed as per regulation.

How long will the underfloor heating system last?

Our heating system has a lifespan durability when installed correctly.

How long will it take for the floor to heat up?

This depends on the thickness of the floor surface, but normally approximately 15 - 20 min for the floor to feel warm then 10 min more for the room to heat up.

Can the underfloor heating be fixed directly on top of existing tiles?

Yes, the subfloor must be completely free from dust, dirt and grease. When installing on top of existing tiled floors this floor needs to be treated.

Can underfloor heating be used as the only heat source?

Absolutely, upon correct installation, the floor warms up causing heat to rise resulting in the entire room being warmed.

Is it advisable to do it myself and is it possible to fix?

Is is preferable that you have it professionally installed  as it also comes with a guarantee.And  yes, we are able to find the exact point of  fault to repair.

How much will the running cost of my underfloor heating be?

Upon  correct installation it should operate for approximately 8hrs a day. Eg: room size - 22m2 require 2kw heater. The average price of kw/hr = 1 R. Equals: 2kw x 8hrs x 1 R= R 16 +/- ,Of course these calculations are all relative to certain conditions of your home, depending on the insulation and air current flow in your home.

Are the installations of the undertile heating system legal?

All installations are according to legislation, ensuring the future sale of your home as it will be in compliance with your electrical certificate.

Be warned :things you need to know about underfloor heating

Heating wires should be placed 6 - 7cm apart, anything wider results in loss of heat and constant consumption of  power as well as overuse of heaters,minimising longevity of heaters.Anything more than this width is not a professional installation.

Wires should be flourocarbon-polymer coated and NOT PVC.If it is PVC, your heating system will melt, lasting for a maximum of 5 years only.

Heating requirements is measured per room size ensuring proper kilowatts  to be installed, heating up sooner, minimising electrical consumption costs.

Wires should be double insulated as per regulation .

Quality materials are to be used to ensure the proper binding of heating system for future security of floor surface.

Each thermostat should have its own isolator as per regulation and fitted by an approved electrician.

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