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Underfloor heating-Thermostats and DIY systems - South Africa

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With room size for a quote

underfloor heating price

Underfloor heating DIY specials !!!

DIY Units: Room 10m2 = 1kw = R1500.00                1kw Installed=R2900.00 all incl

 Analogue thermostat=R400-00        Digital thermostats =R600-00       Programmable =R800-00

Price valid until May 2017

For price check, click on this link.

Thank you.

Please send room sizes and PHONE NUMBER and we will reply on the same day

Or SMS -WhatsApp-Call 083 226 3043 with room sizes and quotation will be sent to you Or mail to    jc@jcheat2tile.co.za


with our thermostats which are 99% accurate,this resulting in less electrical comsumption

underfloor heating is much cheaper and effective than any conventional heating systems

long after it has been switched off our undertile heating system can still be felt making it a great investment.To be more economical,we supply DIY units which are easy to install saving you installation costs.


our heating systems are installed with the thermostats that are preset by you and will never overheat and may be left on continuously

it is completely user friendly as  the heating system is controlled by the isolater(on /off switch)  connected to a temperature controller(thermostat).

floor heating is totally waterproof and is used in bathrooms, kitchens with no concern as it is earthed as per SABS regulations.


 • Underfloor heating is the most healthiest option to heat your home

 • perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers and anti air-conditioning individuals who suffer headaches and sinusitus

  environment friendly as it does not dry the air nor produce any fumes as per fireplaces.

 • there is no exposure of any heated elements or flames which could cause harm.

   We at JC Heat 2 Tile specialise at providing underfloor heating unFloor heating in Gauteng call or SMS with floor size to 083 226 3043der any type of floor surface : under tiles/porcelain, carpets, wood, screed and any natural stone,slate or marble in South Africa as well as supply DIY  under tiles heating units and floor heating thermostats.

Our thermostats range from analogue to digital to programmable thereby satisfying the most diverse demand from our customers. Our underfloor heating system poses no harm/damage to any  floor surface nor to your price budget, health or environment. The lifespan durabilty of our underfloor heating system lasts as long as your floors.

 Installing underfloor heating is the BEST durable investment you can make / add to your property and lifestyle.  With a clean and neat installation of no more than 1 - 2mm thick under your floors, heat is distributed evenly throughout your room/s which is regulated by the sensory thermostat that you have preset for your comfort.

Thermostats and underfloor heating DIY